Monday, May 19, 2014

It's been a long time.

Remember us?  Well we are still hanging around in the beautiful Oregon.

Zuri is as imaginative as ever and the sweetest big sister. She's obsessed with dance and music, seriously, she can move.  She is one kind spirit, too.

Dot is our power house. She keeps us laughing constantly, silly faces, squawking, you name it she'll do it.  She's currently really big into riding her Strider bike. I love watching her cruise around.  She is fearless.

Rem is 91/2 months already and is a hefty little mamas boy.  He is close to walking by himself and is obsessed with where his sisters are at at all times. His favorite is climbing on their bunk beds. which scares the crap out of me, but he thinks it's a riot. He's straight up exhausting.

 Quite frankly they are the cutest crew ever and I love them all.

Chris took this picture of rem and me about a week ago. It's a good memory for me.

My friend, Whitney Whiting, took family pictures for us about two weeks ago. I was crazy excited since it was our first real family photo shoot since Z was about 10 months old.  Our family has grown quite a bit since 2010.

And these are a few that Chris and I have taken recently. they're pretty cool cats these guys.


Carter Family said...

Beautiful photos!! You have a gift Kenni. I wish I had pictures like this of my kidlets. Looks like you are enjoying mommyhood.....lets hang soon!

Rich Vial said...

Thanks for posting Kenni. I love the photos. Dad